Musgrave, Blanchardstown

Alongside industrial refrigeration, Powertech offers the ability to both design and manage the installation of insulated panels to create storage facilities as required by the client as demonstrated through this chill store extension project.

The initial brief outlined the construction of two new chill rooms each measuring 2050 sq.m, and 2350 sq.m respectively, equating to a total cooling load of 600kW with room temperatures specified at +2°C/+4°C.

Kingspan panels were used to create the two rooms, upon which a chilled water and glycol system was installed to serve a total of 12 coolers with an air-cooled chiller from Aermec providing the cooling. In an effort to reduce both cost and the project timeline, the majority of all pipework was formed off-site allowing for the quick installation of multiple sections of pipework upon delivery.

As principal contractors, Powertech worked alongside the client to oversee the complete design and installation of lighting, controls and fire protection services to ensure a turn-key installation upon completion of works. The system has been proven to work flawlessly to date for a returning customer with only routine maintenance carried out on-site.

3D Model vs As Installed

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