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VanWylick Fruit Imports Munich

VanWylick Bananas

Munich, Germany

Powertech Refrigeration have designed, managed and installed Fruit Chill rooms, Exotic Ripening rooms, Marshalling and Packing rooms for VanWylick Fruit Imports, Munich. Our experienced teams of pipe fitters and welders were capable of installing carbon steel, stainless steel and copper pipework. Our electrical team of industrial electricians successfully installed heavy cabling systems. Our refrigeration engineer’s carried out the commissioning of refrigeration systems and provide ongoing service and maintenance of our installed systems. When carrying out projects abroad, we usually team up with local refrigeration companies to assist us with backup and maintenance duties.

Banana Rooms

Design Parameters:

  • Facility operating hours: 24/7
  • Design ambient: +32°C dry bulb summer, -10°C winter (-25°C in extremis)
  • Storage Pallet: Max. Height 2,400mm Bananas / 2,500mm general fruit Min. Height 2050mm.
  • Maximum pallet size: 1,200mm x 1,000mm
  • The system is designed to have a life of 25 years.

Compliance with Contract, Codes and Standards

The project and completed installation complied in full with all applicable codes, standards and regulations. Local and European directives in relation to: Building, Fire, Health and Safety, Pressure Equipment, Ozone and Refrigerant regulations, together with relevant Codes of Practice, guides and standards.


The cooling systems use a secondary refrigerant circulated to the coolers within each room or area. The secondary refrigerant was an inhibited water/propylene glycol mixture. The primary refrigerant utilised in the chiller packages and heat pumps were HCFC Refrigerants.

Pipe work, Valves and Insulation

The pipe work systems were installed using light gauge, Hygienic stainless steel pipe. All valves were also hygienic stainless steel. All hand shut off valves were supplied. Control valves were supplied by others and installed by Powertech. The insulation was Class O Armaflex, with the external insulation, painted with UV resistant paint. Bracketing included galvanised steel “Unistrut” or similar. Condensate drainage in the ripening rooms was PVC. Condensate drainage in the chill rooms, packing and Marshalling areas were light gauge stainless steel.


The mains distribution panel located in the plant room was supplied and installed by Powertech. We sub distributed the cabling from this main panel to the various sub distribution panels located by the various ripening and chill rooms. We supplied and installed the cabling from the sub boards to the control panels. (The control panels were supplied by others). In the chill rooms, Exotic rooms, marshalling and packing rooms, we installed the cabling from the panels to the various components, e.g. fans, control valves etc. The cabling to the ripening rooms was by others, which was also fire rated NYCY. Mains cable containment was made from heavy duty cable tray.