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Air Conditioning Solutions

There is no air conditioning challenge which Aermec cannot solve. A complete range of product solutions stands out in terms of quality of design, materials and performance, capable of meeting all customer requirements within an array of specific applications.

Aermec’s broad product offering, with over 300 ranges available, features liquid chillers, heat pumps, fan coils, air handling units, split units, VRF systems, heat recovery equipment, rooftop units and more beyond. Every air conditioning requirement is addressed and solved in the Aermec world, whose standard and customised products total over 10.000 configurations.

Residential Solutions

Air conditioning systems for residential use must be designed to satisfy the comfort requirements of all those who utilise it, in accordance with their specific lifestyle and habits.

Residential applications represent a key sector with regard to energy savings. To this effect, the demand for improved flexibility and efficiency in order to comply with the limits imposed by European energy saving regulations is leading to an increasingly personalised approach to air conditioning design.

The production of domestic hot water also plays a key role, aimed at ensuring that the day-to-day requirements of inhabitants are met quickly and continuously. Heat recovery is also crucial in order to guarantee an adequate air quality, whilst respecting the highest energy efficiency classes, insofar that it recovers heat that would otherwise be lost.
Acoustic comfort requirements demand low noise equipment, combining the need for thermal comfort with reduced noise levels.

With a broad range of solutions for residential applications, Aermec commands a market leading position in hydronic systems, fan coils, single and multi-split direct expansion solutions and heat recovery units, providing centralised control solutions to manage and optimise system operation.

Commercial Solutions

Buildings intended for commercial use absorb a significant share of the overall energy utilised within buildings overall, this due to the major impact the commercial sector exercises on economic activities, the high performance requirements associated with these buildings and the many activities that take place within them.

Given the considerable range of technical requirements and specific applications, a wide availability of solutions for heating and cooling and maintaining ambient comfort is fundamental.
The high air exchange needs associated with such applications, as often imposed by legislation in light of the crowding within the environments being served, necessitates the application of high-efficiency heat recovery units, direct or indirect free cooling and adequate sizing of air treatment units.

The variability of the thermal loads requires flexible systems and powerful equipment, with tailor-made control and supervision systems, often centralised, both for hydronic and direct expansion solutions.
The versatility of the terminals, the attention to detail in the design of air treatment and heat recovery equipment and the efficiency of chillers and heat pumps render Aermec the ideal partner for customers, designers, architects, and seeking advanced HVAC solutions for commercial applications.

Public Spaces

Buildings intended for public use feature highly defined characteristic elements, both in terms of architecture and construction and the needs of their users.

Depending on the particular activity for which the space is intended, the thermo-hygrometric, noise and air quality requirements can differ quite notably.

Accordingly, a range of HVAC equipment can be considered, including two and four-pipe hydronic systems, air handling units and plug & play solutions. The vast quantities of energy involved – often with opposing heat loads which may vary during the course of the year – favour the use of energy recovery solutions, both as regards the heating and cooling phases and within the air treatment process.

Free cooling, both within the air and water circuits, offers an excellent opportunity for energy savings.
Aermec represents an experienced and reliable partner whose customers benefit from the company’s expertise in catering for various typologies of public spaces: theatres, sports complexes, airports and museums are just some of the applications where Aermec has acquired specific expertise, offering both traditional and plug & play solutions covering hydronic and air treatment applications.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial settings consist of a combination of facilities, machinery and services designed to exploit energy resources enabling activities as diverse as the handling of goods and the transformation of raw materials or derivatives into finished products.

From the food and automotive sectors to chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and laser applications, industrial cooling and air conditioning requirements are wide-ranging: opposite heat loads to be satisfied, differing cooling levels to be ensured and precise control of the thermo-hygrometric parameters for facilities and production processes, this to name just a few.

Reliability, safety, robustness and precision in the management of thermal loads are the basic features for ensuring the high performance of modern industrial processes and ambients, which are now focused on energy savings as an essential requirement in reducing the operating costs and environmental impact of the entire system.

Aermec is a reliable partner to renowned industrial businesses worldwide, benefiting from a notable industrial experience acquired over the years: production areas, factories, vinification, laboratories and testing facilities are just some of the locations to which Aermec has successfully turned its expertise, with an extensive range of specific solutions.

With a broad range of solutions for residential applications, Aermec commands a market leading position in hydronic systems, fan coils, single and multi-split direct expansion solutions and heat recovery units, providing centralized control solutions to manage and optimise system operation.

Data Centre Solutions

Data centres and technological environments represent critical applications, largely due to the fact that the equipment design for these installations must meet a number of very specific criteria.

The delicate machinery used in these ambients consumes a large amount of energy, which during operation is converted into heat which must be accurately removed to ensure continuous functioning with precise control of the thermo-hygrometric parameters.

The reliability of the system components is critical to ensure correct operation of the equipment, as such a high degree of system redundancy is foreseen during the design stage.
The continuous growth of technological applications leads to increasingly higher installed powers, resulting in a greater demand for dedicated air conditioning systems, which must be modular and flexible.

These qualities make such applications particularly energy-consuming: it is thus fundamental to assess systems and components which allow heat recovery and free cooling.

Accordingly, energy efficiency is a key design requirement, to which Aermec responds with innovative, advanced solutions dedicated to data centres, including chilled water, direct expansion and indirect evaporative air cooling technologies.

All Aermec solutions are optimized to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability, safety and flexibility.

Foodstuffs & Beverages

The food industry encompasses all production activities, from initial harvesting all the way to distribution, implemented to process and preserve food products.

The refrigeration systems utilised within the food industry must answer to numerous specific and demanding requirements: cooling to various differing temperature levels; heating to achieve precise conditions depending on the production phase; preserving specific temperature and humidity conditions within the working ambients; rapid temperature transformation in order to preserve the organoleptic properties of products.

For Aermec, the challenge has been to develop innovative, versatile and reliable products offering high performance and efficiency levels, integrated into smart management systems which can reduce total energy consumption and promptly meet the needs of modern users who are increasingly aware of economic targets to be met and the application of the latest technologies. Aermec offers the benefits of an expert and reliable partner with intrinsic know-how acquired over many years within this specific industry: leading wineries, dairies, fisheries, pasta manufacturing, meat handling, and beverage industries are just some of the applications where Aermec has transformed its specific skills into successful applications.


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